Our Profile

BridgeCap Insurance Agency Limited is an insurance agency company providing insurance agency services to businesses, organizations, projects and individuals in Kenya and the wider East Africa region. We are licensed to provide insurance agency services partnering with various registered insurers in Kenya. BridgeCap Insurance Agency Limited is a registered independent insurance corporate agent under the Insurance Act of Kenya and is licensed by the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA). We meet all regulatory requirements in the country.

BridgeCap Insurance Agency Limited, a member of BCFS Group, was established to provide our clients with a peace of mind and sustainable relationship based bridge to success through financial protection.

We offer solutions that help our clients with two key business drivers that maximize value: Optimal Capacity and Sustainable Growth.


Our Vision

The most impactful provider of differential capital and financial capacity building solutions tailored to SMEs in Africa.

BridgeCap solutions will enhance our clients value and contribution to the development of the economies they operate in.

BridgeCap will achieve this by focusing on three key value propositions that proactively address the needs of our customers and helping them overcome cash flow, capacity and capital challenges while they focus on growing their businesses.


Our Mission

Helping our clients maximize value through optimizing capacity and creating sustainable growth by providing capital and practical operational support.

By doing this, we help our clients grow their business and create employment.

Core Values

Core Values

1. Professionalism

BCFS Group is a professional services company and how we conduct ourselves is at the core of our business. We seek to be professional in our appearance, demeanour, competence, ethics, correspondences, and accountability for our actions at all times.

2. Collaboration

We are in the business of helping clients find solutions to their business challenges and no tool is more powerful in achieving this other than Collaboration. We are continuously forming internal and external connections that we collaborate with to help our clients grow their business to new levels. We believe Collaboration is the fuel of any business, a driving force for continued efficiency and a necessity for improving the outcomes. At BCFS Group, we are continuously finding the right external partners to collaborate with.

3. Integrity

Honesty and strong moral principles underpin what we do at BCFS Group and that’s how we win and maintain our stakeholders’ trust. We believe that “Our Word is Our Bond. If we keep it, only then will we be able to create a Brand; a product of Value.”

4. Reliability

Our stakeholders depend on us to consistently deliver results, solve problems and provide value that is not easily replaced. This is at the heart of BCFS Group’s identity of building a relationship with clients we can serve for years.

5. Responsive

At BCFS Group, we practice and live a Culture of Excellence. Providing our stakeholders with quick, accurate and reliable information is an area that BCFS Group seeks to differentiate itself from the rest in a market where quality of service and speed at which information is relayed are a challenge to many.

6. Value Creation

Value Creation is at the centre of BCFS Group’s mission of helping our clients maximize value through optimizing capacity and creating sustainable growth. This Value, therefore, is the synergy that is a result of sum total of the 5 values above.


Team Members